Bitcoin Billionaire Review

I hate Bitcoin Billionaire (Free) for existing. It’s an idle clicker game, where tapping the screen gets stuff that can be spent on other stuff, but I’ve spent way too much time playing this. I’ve mined way too many fake bitcoins to be proud of myself in any way. I’ve had fun, and this game provides some real excitement and does so in a way that can be played for free with innovative incentivized advertising, but again, I feel kind of ashamed about it. Genuinely, it deserves five stars for excellence at what it is, but perhaps one star out of spite for existing.

How Bitcoin Billionaire works is that it’s about mining fake bitcoins by tapping the screen rapidly to mine them. Then, those bitcoins are spent on investments which get increasingly ridiculous, going from comic books to hyperloops. As well, the miner tool can be upgraded to later levels, which mines more bitcoins per tap. And this all happens while the house the miner sits in gets more ornate and ridiculous, while they sit there tapping away at the keyboard, watching the bitcoins come in. There’s fake news that runs across the top of the screen parodying games and tech, and the silliness of you, mining bitcoins.

Who is Bitcoin Billionaire For?

Anyone who is lucky enough to come across Bitcoin Billionaire has the permission to use it. The only requirement is that you are ready to make fortunes. Who doesn’t want to?

Whether you have detailed knowledge about Bitcoins or only knows it by name, this is a tool that you can make good use it. When you do so, it will definitely set your finances in good shape.

The fact that the software does everything for you means you do not have to worry about any technicalities. Just focus on registering and then leave everything else to the creators. They will stun you with what they are capable of.

How to Starting Using Bitcoin Billionaire

Getting started with Bitcoin Billionaire is one of the easiest things you can ever have to do. Follow these simple steps and you are good to go!

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Step 1: Register

Just like any other great software, you cannot use this tool without registering. The main purpose of registering is to maintain access to the few genuine individuals ready to make millions. Registration is fast as you are asked basic essential questions. Hurry up with the registration because there are only a few spaces left!

Step 2: Invest

When you have successfully registered, a professional financial advisor will contact you and take you through the amazing insider secrets. You will then be asked to make an investment and guided on how to do that. Do not be afraid to do so. That’s because you make money where you put your money. In other words, you have to use money to make more money. That is the basic rule of becoming a millionaire.

Step 3: Earn

When you invest you expect to earn, right? That’s exactly what Bitcoin Billionaire does for you. After you are done with registration and the expert taken you through all that you need to know, you are ready to start earning. It’s as simple as that.

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Freemium Upgrade

Occasionally you get the opportunity to pay for things by watching advertisements for other games, which is a refreshing business model. In other games, after a certain point you are pretty much forced to spend real money to maintain the same level of fun. The miner upgrades are somewhat realistic, but the investment opportunities are limited and trivial. A future version should include the alt coin markets that someone with that much Bitcoin would be able to profit in. But ,after all, it’s a video game and an engaging one at that.

No Actual Bitcoin Integration

One thing that is sorrowfully lacking from Bitcoin Billionaire is the ability to spend actual bitcoins on the game for any reason. For a game that does, see our write-up about SaruTobi. It is also sad to see that no Bitcoin businesses have decided to sponsor the game, as this would be a great opportunity for them to engage with the as-yet uninitiated.

However, I think someone who knew nothing else of Bitcoin might get the wrong impression about the ease with which bitcoins can be earned. As many reading this will be able to attest, the mining field is a crowded and difficult one to be successful in, and the ingenuity of those who are able to survive in the ever-shifting market cannot be understated.

So What’s Missing?

There is no serious discussion about the key product features, settings, trading formats, or the kind of strategies and indicators which are available. There is also no reference to risk factors, back testing, and money management. But we know what happens after you signup, you get scammed by a phone sales agent as we have already mentioned.

Real Crypto CFD’s Versus Fake Bots

Trading CFD’s on cryptocurrencies can be an extremely lucrative venture if you play your cards right. But you better have a solid understanding of how and when to buy and sell CFD’s (contracts for difference) during optimal times and at the best rates. An exit strategy is also critical, and you should know when to cut your losses and start over. If not, it’s mandatory you gain access to a reputable trading app in the form of signals or trading bot or have a professional trader guide you through the process.

How Much Does it Cost?

Access to the Bitcoin Billionaire scam software will cost at least €/£/$250 (sometimes they will ask for 500 or even more). This money is collected by the broker which has been assigned to you (which may or may not be regulated/licensed).

Other Viral Scams Trending

The ones to watch out for are Brexit Trader and Bitcoin Era.

Some Trustworthy Alternatives

We constantly check and monitor the internet searching for various trends and new product launches. It’s pretty clear to most viewers that there are a lot of sub-par systems out there and they are all designed to get your money out of your pocket and place it elsewhere. However, once in a while a new system rolls out and we start screening it. If it passes our testing process we add it tour our recommended section, so take a minute to check it out we only use the best apps.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review, Summary, and Helpful Tips

The Bitcoin Billionaire scam software and automated trading app is blacklisted without further ado. We are extremely concerned and alarmed at the amount of complaints we received in regards to this latest get-rich-quick scheme, and would like to officially advise all of our members and viewers to avoid this fraudulent trading platform. Should you require additional evidence or information pertaining to this ruse, please make sure to reach out and message us through our contact us page or social media.