Bitcoin Superstar Review

What Bitcoin SuperStar Is About

Bitcoin SuperStar is a group of people dedicated to bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. It allegedly has at its disposal a software that can trade these markets automatically with a stunning 99.4% win rate.

If you think that this group is something exclusive that you cannot get access to, you are wrong, because the membership is free. But is it really?

Bitcoin SuperStar Scam

The first thing we have to get off the table are celebrity endorsements. Because Bitcoin SuperStar allegedly is used by Dieter Bohlen and who knows who, but it is not true. No famous people are using this program, all the articles saying otherwise are fake!

How Much Can You Make with Bitcoin Superstar?  Bitcoin Superstar Payouts

According to Bitcoin Superstar, the majority of users make a profit of at least $ 1,300 a day. Bitcoin Superstar also reports on its homepage that some users made their first million in just 61 trading days. The robot claims that users need to spend an average of 20 minutes or even less every day as the software does all the work for you. Although we are unable to confirm whether users can make these profits, we have found user reviews online claiming it is possible to earn money through this robot. Another highly profitable trading robot is Bitcoin Billionaire.

Bitcoin Superstar Platform

Unlike other trading robots, Bitcoin Superstar allows you to adjust the trading settings on the robot’s trading platform and monitor the account on the broker’s platform. This allows you to enjoy two trading platforms. The robot offers a great trading dashboard where you can view top trading signals, and adjust the trading settings including the amount per trade, stop-loss per trade, daily stop-loss, daily take-profit, maximum simultaneous trades, and maximum daily trades.

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin Superstar channels traders’ funds to high regulated brokers due to regulatory scrutiny. This means that your funds are safe in a segregated account and your capital is leveraged. Another advantage is that Bitcoin Superstars allows you to practice a demo account to get familiar with the platform before you risk real money.

In addition to Bitcoin Superstar’s trading dashboard, users can monitor and track the account via the broker’s trading platform.

Is Bitcoin Superstar Legitimate?

From the bot homepage to the user dashboard, Bitcoin Superstar conveys some credibility that is worthy to point out. User testimonials are amazing, and the network of brokers are known names which provides some added assurance. Bitcoin Superstar definitely appears to be legitimate.

Who Created Bitcoin Superstar?

Bitcoin Superstar was created by Conrad Atherton. As a reputed cryptocurrency and software expert, Conrad sought to develop an optimal auto-trading robot that would make an impact on the global cryptocurrency trading ecosystem.

Why We Are Using Bitcoin Superstar?

Using this bot for us was a wise decision. From getting all the new user resources, to ease of account opening and funding, Bitcoin Superstar gets the deserved plaudits.

It was reassuring to be matched with a reputed broker like 247option. Any new user will be confident to go ahead with bitcoin trading, safe in the knowledge that the software can be trusted as a high-quality service provider.

Bitcoin Superstar conclusion

Bitcoin Superstar is a dirty scam with a demo that is faking results. In reality it is a losing app, stay away from it!

If you want to really try crypto trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker, so that you know that testing results are representative.

Before eventually passing to real trading, you have to have your strategy ready and understand the risks.