Bitcoin Up Review

Welcome to our Bitcoin Up review and SCAM software investigation. There’s a new scam in town and this time it’s called “Bitcoin Up”. OK so Bitcoin Up is advertised as a kind or Bitcoin trading robot which generates “$1,300 daily” for you on auto-pilot by utilizing an “award-winning” algorithm. But is that really the truth or are we being tricked once more? Well, as our detailed Bitcoin Up review will prove, this latest bitcoin trading app is nothing more than another recycled get-rich-quick scheme. We actually stumbled on to this latest piece of trash technology after surfing the internet and searching for a genuine or legit automated trading software. Alas, we had the misfortune of seeing some dubious looking click-bait ads and eventually ended up on the Bitcoin Up scam website. It’s vita you understand that the main conspirators behind this blatant scam are affiliate networks who are operating in tandem with unlicensed offshore Forex and CFD (contract for difference) brokers. CFD’s are derivatives which can be bought and sold based on contract rates, but these promoters are not looking for savvy traders. In fact, they are deliberately targeting inexperienced or uneducated opportunity seekers who are simply looking for a short-cut and an easy way to generate some passive income online. When we registered to conduct our €250 deposit test, the broker which was assigned to us was “Pro CFD”, which has a registered business address in the UK but does not have the proper legal certification to manage investment portfolios on behalf of clients. It’s also worth mentioning that we expected to see some kind of trading panel in the form of signals or indicators, but this did not happen. In reality the Bitcoin Up website is a simple landing page with a sales video and lots of hype. When you register for this website you are really registering for a broker or trading platform which is unregulated in most cases. That means the money goes out of your wallet into the brokers bank and when that happens you can pretty much kiss it goodbye. So if for some unknown reason you feel a sudden urge to invest via the Bitcoin Up scam software, please make sure to take a minute and read our detailed Bitcoin Up review because we exposed this latest crypto scam and the crooks behind it!

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: There are multiple versions of this website and they are all claiming to be the “official” app.

Scam Evidence:
Check out the image below. It is a screenshot of the Bitcoin Up registration area with Jake Tapper from CNN. If you take a closer look you will see that they are saying “you can become the next millionaire” and the talk about what Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt have to say.Bitcoin Up Registration Area

And here we have the same exact Jake Tapper talking about “no banks and no fees”, only this time we can see him saying it in 6 other cloned and documented scams such as Bitcoin Rush and Crypto Revolt.

How Does Bitcoin Up Work?

This trading software uses a very complicated algorithm. It connects with the global cryptocurrency exchanges to get the real-time prices of all the digital currencies. Then this price data is analyzed by the AI or artificial intelligence of the software. The highly developed AI then compares this data with historically profitable trading trends. This comparison is useful as the cryptocurrency market trends repeat itself according to the prevalent economic conditions. After this analysis, the software generates profitable trading signals. The use of AI eliminates any chance of human error.

Bitcoin Up uses a lightning-fast software bundle that allows High-Frequency trading or HFT. The cryptocurrency prices are very volatile even during the day, fast trading with HFT is very crucial for booking profit-making trades.

Earn thousands of dollars by registering with Bitcoin Up

How to Register with Bitcoin Up

Registration for the website is straightforward, easy, and free. You aren’t going to need to share a variety of details or have a lot of experience with trading. In reality, all you must possess is a valid email address, something as proof for your current address, as well as the documents necessary to verify those pieces of information. Then, you just have to deposit a small amount of money into your account. This is all you need. The deposit doesn’t go toward the registration because the account is free to own. Still, you have to use the money to buy the cryptocurrency and start trading it. Once you’ve done that, you can start trading with it. We list the steps for registration below in more detail:

Create an Account – Once you are on the homepage, you are going to be asked to fill in the form. This is only going to take about 15 minutes, but make sure that everything is entered correctly. For example, in the column for your name, you should provide the name that is listed on your government-issued ID card, not your nickname. You should also include a valid email address with your correct telephone or cell phone number.

You should feel confident about entering your personal data on the website. Every anticipation has been taken to make sure that no one can steal your information.

Verification of the ID and Address – For the next step, you must verify your ID and address information. This can take a while, with some people having it completed in an hour and others requiring 24 hours. It takes so long because the brokers have to verify all of your details. That may mean that you might be asked to upload your most recent utility bill so that your current address can be verified appropriately. Keep in mind you may proceed without verifying your account right now, but you are going to have to do this before you can start live trading.

Trade Deposit – For this step (which is the last one), you are going to have to deposit the minimum amount of money to start the trading process. Right now, you only have to put in $250. The brokers for the site accept payment from every major credit and debit card, as well as wire transfers and e-wallets. Of course, other payment forms can include Skill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Webmoney.

The deposit is going to be reflected into your Bitcoin Up account immediately. Of course, this is the primary reason that you need to use a regulated broker – that way, you are assured that transparency is used for all transactions.

Demo Account Trading – Bitcoin Up allows you to use a demo account to practice trading. This is the time to familiarize yourself with trading aspects. Any mistakes that you make can teach you so that you don’t make them during live trading. Of course, the losses you incur don’t count, and this can give you a better idea of what you can expect. This account is exactly the same as your live account, but you don’t lose your money because you are practicing. Use the demo account to help you see how far you can take it and what risks are best for your needs.

Live Trading – Once you become familiar with the trading aspects, then you can step into live trading. Bitcoin Up allows auto trading, which means you adjust your risk level and can go off and do other things. You should check back in about eight hours to see what has happened. The program automatically sets the risk level at 10 percent, and we feel that this is ideal for beginners.

It’s best to start smaller and reinvest your earnings or increase the amount you trade as you become better and earn profits.

Visit the Official Bitcoin Up Website

Is Bitcoin Up Legit?

User testimonials pay a glowing tribute to the ability of Bitcoin Up to generate returns as advertised. We registered an account on the platform to verify these claims. After one week of practise and three weeks of live trading, we can attest that the software is profitable. Although we were unable to clock the advertised figures in daily earnings, we are certain that more experience and bigger stakes could certainly achieve this.

We investigated the authenticity of the platform and our findings were positive. Bitcoin Up has an active line of contact through which users can share feedback with support and also receive help and advice.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Up For Trading

1. Easy to Use

The only thing one needs to do to use the software is to set up a free account. This software integrates into the broker’s platform and you can use it through the click of a button.

2. Offers High Returns

Bitcoin Up claims users can make up to $1,200 in daily returns. We could not verify this claim but the robustness of the algorithms imply that this is a possibility.

3. Faster Than a Human is Capable

AI and NLP technology make the algorithms fast and more accurate. The algorithms gather huge amounts of data and analyse them in seconds. No human trader, however experienced, can achieve such a feat.

4. Affiliated With Regulated Brokers

Bitcoin Up redirects new users to appropriate partner brokers. All of Bitcoin Up’s affiliated brokers have relevant and necessary licenses. As such, users do not have to worry about swindlers who might go underground with their funds.

5. Security

The software uses the services of top cybersecurity providers such as McAfee and BitGo. This means that user data is secure and that transactions are safe from prying eyes. As one of its policies in the “Terms and Conditions” document, Bitcoin Up promises to respect user data. This user data policy tells you that you can go about your activities with peace of mind because there is no cause for alarm.

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up offers the opportunity to avoid the complexities of exchange or CFDs platforms by making trading activities easy and less time consuming. Since the software takes over important activities like market analysis, it means traders can avoid pitfalls that arise from human psychology. Still, we must bring a few things to your attention to help you use the software in the best way. First, you need to educate yourself about the digital currency market. This knowledge will help you to make better decisions – especially concerning what parameters to input in Bitcoin Up –to increase profitability. Secondly, you need to know your way around the platform. Perhaps you should first start with the demo mode before going live trading.

Has Bitcoin Up Ever Appeared On TV?

Bitcoin Up is popular software among cryptocurrency traders. For this reason, we saw rumours on various platforms on the internet that alleged Bitcoin Up’s appearance on various TV shows. It is the culture of many TV shows to host entrepreneurs in trending ecosystems and to highlight the latest ground-breaking innovations. Because we could not immediately dismiss the rumours concerning Bitcoin Up’s appearance on some of these shows, we sought to find out the truth in them.

Dragons Den

Dragons Den is the benchmark of reality shows that showcase entrepreneurial prowess across the world. The show focuses on prospective entrepreneurs who have great ideas presenting them to the ‘Dragons’. If they like it, then they will snap it up and the entrepreneur might live to see his/her idea grow wings to become a unicorn in a few years. There is no doubt the Bitcoin Up is an idea worthy of appearing on Dragons Den but our investigation could not find any information confirming its appearance on the show.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American version of Dragons Den, which is British. However, Shark Tank has an international posture. Entrepreneurs from around the world appear in the ‘Shark’s Tank’ to present their ideas to the judges and the world. The most practicable and potentially profitable ideas get the support of the Sharks. Some of the ideas that have the Sharks’ attention are of the same calibre as Bitcoin Up. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Up has never appeared on Shark Tank.

Has Bitcoin Up Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

Further, we stumbled on claims that some celebrities support Bitcoin Up when researching for this review. Are they true? Below are our findings:

Rob Brydon Jones

There is no mistake that Rob is the first celebrity people would want to associate with any project. Rob is an accomplished comedian, a seasoned TV and radio presenter, an impressionist, a singer and actor. Sterling performance in all of these roles earned Rob the MBE honour. Besides, Rob is an outspoken commentator on current issues, and of course with a lot of humour. Nonetheless, our investigation could not yield any relationship between Bitcoin Up and Rob Brydon Jones.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is a familiar face especially to Dragons’ Den aficionados. Jones made his name and fortune as TV personality, and through interests in media, property, retail, and mobile technology. Jones is an astute businessperson with an Eagle’s eye when it comes to spotting promising opportunities. However, our research indicates that Peter Jones has not yet spotted Bitcoin Up because he has not endorsed it anywhere.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a celebrity entrepreneur who has just made his first appearance in the top ten list of the world’s richest people. He is known for his rich entrepreneurial skills as well as his genius that has birthed various billion-dollar companies. Elon is a popular figure on Twitter and has been a target of numerous cryptocurrency scams perhaps because he is known to have a soft spot for digital assets. On whether he supports Bitcoin, Musk has come out on Twitter to dispute the claims as false. Therefore, it is impossible to associate him with comments, if any, in support of Bitcoin Up.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is known for the Virgin brand. Branson is one of the few billionaires who see blockchain and cryptocurrencies as the definition of the future. He has come out on international TV to proclaim his admiration for cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. However, nowhere does he claim to endorse Bitcoin Up.

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is an auto trading platform whose main aim is to make a user experience easier and more profitable. Apart from its capabilities, users can maximise their chances of success by following some simple, best practices:

Start Small and Work Up

Admittedly, the prospect of earning major returns is enough to persuade anyone to invest big. However, this would be ill-advised if you want to maximise the success of your experience with the software. The digital currency market is highly volatile and therefore carries a degree of risk. With a small amount of stake, you get the opportunity to learn the ropes, such as appropriate parameters to mitigate risk. Starting with a small amount will ensure that you can come back tomorrow and make another trade because you did not risk all of your capital in a single trade. Once you get a feel of the platform and the market, you can begin working your way up by increasing the size of the stake gradually.

Save Some Profits

The moment you earn your first profit, you may feel the urge to plough the whole lot back in, and that is natural because we all want huge returns quickly. However, you may regret doing so, as no two trades are guaranteed to perform the same. It is best to save some profits – preferably by withdrawing the funds straight into your bank account. Taking out a portion of the funds prevents unnecessary losses due to succumbing to your temptation. Besides, this is the only way the trading activity will make sense. Building up your profits outside the platform is another form of encouragement to keep going.

Follow the Advice of Experts

Bitcoin Up has been in operation for several years now and there are users who have vast experience concerning how to use the platform for maximum success. Fortunately, one can easily access these experts on various platforms online. Find out what they have to say about certain things like how to configure the software for best results. Also, you will get to learn important strategies that have worked for the experts.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Cryptocurrency is now a recognised asset in many jurisdictions across the globe. This means the jurisdictions expect crypto traders to pay taxes on capital gains. It is prudent to find out if this is the case in your location to avoid unnecessary confrontations with authorities, which could result in major losses on your part. Part of ensuring compliance with the tax code is to keep neat records of your crypto-related transactions.

Only invest what you can Afford to Lose

This is a statement that many traders would rather not hear but it is pure truth. Digital assets are volatile and price gyrations are oftentimes dramatic and unpredictable. Do not invest any amount that you can’t afford to lose. Remember the point we made earlier also, that you should start small and work up. You will notice that there is a lot of joy in small wins that can build up to bigger profits in the long-term.

Our Conclusion

Certainly, Bitcoin Up is a great addition to the ranks of Bitcoin focused trading robots. The software blends latest technology such as AI and NLP to create smart algorithms that push the boundaries of automated cryptocurrencies trading. Without a doubt, the software can be spoken of in the same breath as the Bitcoin Aussie System, Bitcoin Method, and Bitcoin Millionaire. These platforms enable all users to claim a piece of the massive and fast expanding cryptocurrency market.